From Globalization to Localization of Life and Economy

A seminar with:
  • Tim Jackson, UK, on ”Prosperity without Growth” followed by
  • Sophy Banks, UK, speaking about Transition Towns. These are probably followed by
  • Vandana Shiva, India, speaking about degrowth seen from The global South and finally
  • Serge Latouche, France, displaying his thoughts on degrowth.
On December 9th 16.00-19.00 pm, at the DGI-town in a 370 seat auditorium with interpretation facilities, central in Copenhagen.

The seminar will focus on a Degrowth-strategy for Global Prosperity within the Limits of the Planet and is arranged as part of Klimaforum09 - Peoples Climate Summit.

Moderator is the Danish author and journalist Knud Vilby.

The seminar is arranged by Degrowth Group of NOAH, Friends of the Earth Denmark in collaboration with various other organisations.